External challenges to the economic expansion of emerging markets in the post-COVID 19 and post-COP26 era: A balance-of-payments constrained growth (BPCG) perspective 


Current account and real exchange rate equilibrium: the case of manufacturing in Mexico, 2001-2019*


Giros en la agenda de desarrollo de México.
1950-2020: Luces y sombras


Desigualdad persistente en América Latina perspectiva histórica y experiencias contemporáneas

November, 2022

Desigualdad Económica, Desarrollo y Salud Global

November 10, 2022

Estimación del Acervo de Capital público y privado en México a nivel estatal (2004-2018)

September 2022

The Art Market at Times of Economic Disarray and High Inequality

October 12, 2021

Renta Básica Universal. Conceptos, Costos y Fuentes de Financiamiento para Chile

February 2022

A Monetary Revolution The Global Irruption of Bitcoin and its Adoption as Legal Tender in El Salvador

January 2022

Composite Indicator of Economic Activity CIEA

2018 – 2021

Inversión pública y privada en México: ¿motores complementarios del crecimiento económico?


Trade agreements and decent work in Mexico: the case of the automotive and textile industries


A New Index for Public Investment Management


El impacto de la inversión pública sobre la privada en las entidades federativas de México


Pandemia, política pública y panorama de la economía mexicana en 2020


Central America and the pandemic macroeconomic policy challenges


Mexico’s Road to a Green New Deal


Mexico’s Lastet package of market reforms


My Three Hundred Eighty Eight Thousand Eight Hundred (and counting) Minutes in Ni modo-covid


Capital flows and productivity inAfrica: The angel is in the details


Lessons from Emerging Economies for African Low Income countries on Managing Capital Flows


Mobilising Capital for Sustainable Infrastructure: The Cases of the AIIB the NDB


Global Mobility of the Wealthy, their Assets and Inequality

January 2020

Structural Transformations and the Lack of Inclusive Growth

December 2019

Global Capitalism, Wealth Inequality, and the Art Sector

December 2019

Changes Underway and Challenges to Political Legitimacy

September 2019

Theory of Politics and Political Legitimacy

September 2019

Political Legitimacy as a Personal and Intellectual Journey

September 2019

Political Legitimacy, from the National to the International

September 2019

The Art Market at Times of Economic Turbulence and High Inequality

June 2019

Macro Fiscal Programming

March 2019

The Paradoxical Perception of Contemporary Democracy, and the Question of its Future

February 2019

International Mobility of the Wealthy in an Age of Growing Inequality

September 2018

Lessons from a Comparative Analysis of Financial Crises

February 2013

Does It Make Sense To Try Reconciling National Interest and Global Justice Agendas?

June 2018

Migration, Immigration, Refugees

August 2018

Global Mobility of the Wealthy and their Assets: An Overview

August 2018

Crypto-currencies, Speculation and the Evolution of Monetary Systems.

August 2018

The Copper Sector, Fiscal Rules and Stabilization Funds in Chile: Scope and Limits

September 2017

Estrategias de Desarrollo Económico en Chile: Crecimiento, Pobreza Estructural y Desigualdad de Ingresos y Riqueza

July 2017

Capitalism and Financial Crises in Long Run Perspective.

December 2016

Is Inequality Really Declining in Latin America? Evidence on Income, Wealth and the…

June 2016

Global Migration and International Development in Unstable Times

June 2016

EcoTalent Mobility and International Development: Issues, Experience…

April 2016

Economic Elites, Stagnation and Talent Mobility in Global Capitalism

February 2016

Crecimiento, Desigualdad y Democracia: La Transformación…

February 2016

Crecimiento, Desigualdad y Democracia: La Transformación…

February 2016

War-Torn countries, natural resources, energing…

February 2015

Economic reconstruction and reforms in post-conflict…

March 2016

Obstacles to peacebuilding revisited

May 2016

Book review

July 2016

Crisis, Austeridad y Desigualdad: Está Agotado el Enfoque Neoliberal?

Mayo 2015

The Paradoxes of Chilean Development

Marzo 2014

Capitalism and Financial Crises

December 2013

Democracia Económica para Superar el Neoliberalismo

Junio 2013

The International circulation of elites: Talents, Entrepreneurial and politicians

Junio 2010

External debt sustainability and debt reduction opertions

Junio 2009

Concentración económica, Heterogeneidad productiva, politicas..

Diciembre 2009

Remesas, movilidad de capital humano y desarrollo económico…

Septiembre 2009

Economia politica del conosur: Los casos de Bolivia, Chile…

Septiembre 2009

Economia politica del conosur: Los casos de Bolivia, Chile…

Septiembre 2009

Buenas prácticas en educación previsional para su…(Informe Final)

Agosto 2009

Buenas prácticas en educación previsional para su…(Informe 3)

Junio 2009

Buenas prácticas en educación previsional para su…(Informe 2)

Mayo 2009

Migration and democracy: Issues for Latin America and Europe

February 2009

Buenas prácticas en educación previsional para su…(Informe 1)

February 2009

Governance, investments Interactions in Chile

April 2008

La distribución del ingreso en Chile 1987-2016

Noviembre 2007

Micro Empresa y Pymes, y Desarrollo Económico…

Agosto 2007

Un país sin rumbo: Política, Políticas Públicas…

Agosto 2007

Sobre la reproducción de la desigualdad en chile…

Junio 2007